cCe Arquitectos | World Green Center 0

cCe Arquitectos | World Green Center

Certain factors, such as the Business District site in relation to the city, connecting roads, site location and orientation, sunlight, prevailing winds, flows and internal movements of people in the Business District, existing infrastructure, green spaces

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Techne: Zofnass and Sustainable Infrastructure 0

Techne: Zofnass and Sustainable Infrastructure

In the design industries, sustainable ratings are too often parsed for single structures. What makes this approach inefficient is precisely that it fails to account for a more comprehensive approach to promoting sustainable strategies. Moreover, what compr



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The Indicator: City IPO WTF 0

The Indicator: City IPO WTF

In her recent Next American City… article, “An IPO for Cities”, Diana Lind proposes employing the financial mechanisms of Wall Street to fund urban development and maintain public infrastructure. This would be fundamentally dangerous to already fragi

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Big Bucks for Big Dredge 0

Big Bucks for Big Dredge

As we reported yesterday, New York’s Vision2020 plan is well on its way toward becoming a legal reality. Mayor Bloomberg has now backed up the plan with substantial infrastructure. Together with Port Authority Director Patrick Foye, the mayor today a



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Pylon Design Competition 0

Pylon Design Competition

The challenging target of an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, means substantial change in our energy infrastructure with electricity becoming an increasingly important part of our energy mix. In order to deliver that electricity to our homes,R