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Ru-Ju Stool by Yu-Fen Lo 0

Ru-Ju Stool by Yu-Fen Lo

Taiwan-based designer Yu-Fen Lo has created the Ru-Ju Stool. . Description The form of the Ru-Ju stool is from the ancient jade coin , it is so warm and comfortable. With the craft of bending bamboo, the stool legs could be designed like ribbons. And the t

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Lai Residence by PMK+Designers 0

Lai Residence by PMK+Designers

With stunning views of Taiwan’s second largest city, Kaohsiung, this two story, penthouse apartment was recently completed by PMK+ Designers. Lai Residence by PMK+Designers: “This two-story penthouse apartment embodies many of PMK’s ideas about

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Multiple Natures / soma 0

Multiple Natures / soma

Placing second, behind Sou Fujimoto Architects’ winning proposal, the Austrian practice soma proposed a new tower typology, titled Fibrous Tower of Multiple Natures, for the Taiwan Tower International Competition in Taichung, Taiwan. The conceptual d

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Sweet Balloon Lamp by Haoshi Designby 0

Sweet Balloon Lamp by Haoshi Designby

Taiwanese studio Haoshi Design have created the ‘balloon X lamp’.  Haoshi means good things, and that’s just what these designers believe in. They create fun and interesting objects, like this sweet balloon lamp which was made to capture



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Goggles Umbrella by 25TOGO Design 0

Goggles Umbrella by 25TOGO Design

For all you detectives out there! Spies and scuba divers alike will appreciate the secret, goggle-shaped window umbrellas. 25TOGO Design has crafted GOGGLES Umbrella that will have you smartly traversing the rain in stealthy style. Based in Taiwan, this fo