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One year ago… 0

One year ago…

Designers and architects were wrapping materials over and around things one year ago, like these wooden plywood ribs that appear to drape the ceiling and bar of a coffee shop in Poland (above). (more…)

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Ceiling Lamp Made by Chemistry Test Tubes 0

Ceiling Lamp Made by Chemistry Test Tubes

The Maria S.C. lamp, designed by Pani Jurek, looks like a crystal chandelier but is actually made from chemistry test tubes placed into circular plywood bands. The ceiling lamp has two band circles arranged in rows; one row is bigger than the other and is



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Theory: Chapter 8 0

Theory: Chapter 8

Following the awe-inspiring and terrifying lecture, the troupe was shuffled into another trailer. Outside, a small Mexican in a blue jumpsuit was down on his knees painting over graffiti. All over the flimsy plywood gangway connecting the various trailers&

Theory by Guy Horton


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Benjamin Stackable Stool 0

Benjamin Stackable Stool

The unique stool BENJAMIN was designed by Lisa Norinder. Made by molded birch plywood and decorated with brodery , every stool becomes different and more valuable.  



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Children’s furniture 0

Children’s furniture

Designed by Benjamin Cherner in  2007, the 40”x 40”molded plywood children’s table has an integrated storage box and lid. The top is exposed edge 1” thick cross-ply plywood, with exposed edge laminated wood legs. Durable and beautiful for home or school. A

Child's room Table